Detoxing, Day 2.

I survived day 2, barely.  I have never really felt hungry, in fact I am not doing the “snack” smoothie as the dinner portion is usually enough for about 26-30 oz so I can make almost two full smoothies from it.  The one thing I have had is an intense urge to chew.  Especially around dinner.  I could have eaten all of the ingredients on my own, but having to drink them was a challenge.  As I was cutting up the mango and avocado, there is a good chance I snuck a bite, or two.  🙂 But  I still drank my smoothie.

My husband is really trying to do this along with me but it is not his thing.  He is drinking the smoothies but eating some stuff as well – as long as I’m not around to yell at him 🙂

One thing I wanted to share was in addition to the smoothies, I also made a flavored water to drink along with them.  I adapted this from this recipe on Skinny Ms’ Website.

I took a large pitcher of water, added 1/2 of a grapefruit cut into chunks and about half of a cucumber.  I made this the day before we started so that it would have a nice flavor the next day. It is wonderful! I can see myself making this on a regular basis.  It is really lightly flavored.  The recipe called for more ingredients that I didn’t really have on hand and didn’t feel like going out to buy.  I didn’t add ice because I just kept it in the refrigerator so that it would stay cold.  I made 2 pitchers full and this is all that is left after day 2, so I think it is the perfect amount for 2 people for 3 days.   Even though it’s January, this would make a great water to keep on hand in the summer, refreshing, lightly flavored, all natural, and delicious! 

Almost done!


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